UserHabit believes that a product should be created for its users.
An application also should be produced after studying its users ultimately to benefit them.
Against this backdrop, we have created userHabit.


2013. 07. Corporation established
2013. 11. Primary investment of Primer, Selected as TIPS
2014. 01. Invested by Mashup angels Lee Taekyung
2014. 06 Closed beta test started
2014. 08. Open beta test started
2014. 10. Secondary investment of Primer
2014. 11. Creative economy award (Superstar V): Minister Prize
2015. 09. Processing over a hundred million sessions
2015. 12. Authorization of Venture Business Selected in 'K-Global 300'
2016. 03. Start charging for UserHabit
2016. 10. Invested by Sparklabs
2017. 01. Invested by Sparklabs Lee Hanjoo
2017. 08. Processing over a thousand million sessions

UserHabit People

UserHabit consists of five R&D teams and two UX/UI teams, and Chief Representative Jung Hyun-jong.
We are developing a data analytics solution that will improve the usability of your apps
and help you find value in your actions to satisfy your app customers.



Contact us

+82 70-8230-3390

17F, 10, Tongil-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea