UX-based mobile analytics for app optimization

Heat-map & user touch analysis

Heat-maps that displays the users's touch imformation. Sincce you can see at a glance which part of the screen users have touched a lot, you can check usage patterns without difficulty.
Even if you do not define an event, UserHabit automatically recognize objects such as buttons, text-fields, and images of each screen, and check the usage ratio of each object.

Feature 01

8 behavioral indicators for UX analysis

The value is given on each screen based on behavioral data of actual app users. You can find
attractive screens, problematic screens, and use them as screen-specific performance indicators.

Feature 02

Session Filter

With subdivided, you can quickly find the session records of your interest.

Problematic of uncommon sessions van be easily filtered out by the detail filter function.

Feature 03

Full Flow Analysis

Observe the main stream of user group and diagnose the bouncing point of the app.
This analysis allows you to see when users are mostly engaged and when users leave the app.

You can also see when a user has done what they did, and predict why they left your app. App crashes or exits can be
analyzed separately from other sessions, and this helps you to easily see how app users are exited.

Feature 04

Target Flow Analysis

Figure out detailed user flow about the specific user path you want to analyze in depth.

You can set the starting and destination screens and destination svreens and learn how many steps users pass through the section and trace the volume and detailed path of each step.

You can also observe user behavioral patterns to the target screen such as purchases, memberships, or event pages.

Feature 05

Detail Path Analysis

Focusing on the individual path between two screens, understand the traffic between the screens and compare the average counts.

By analyzing the previous / next path on each screen, you can also learn about the inter-screen contexts that were difficult to identify in screen analysis.
Feature 06

Session playback

UserHabit allows to replay the sessions of specific app users,
so you can observe each session in details.
Action feeds panel shows all user actions in chronological order.
The problematic or uncommon sessions can be filtered out easily for in-depth analysis.

Feature 07

Crash Analysis

You can also view the replay for the session that crashed, so you can easily see what types of crashes occurred.
Reproducing the crashed session and its playback enable you to troubleshoot your app even more quickly.

Feature 08


Start analyzing with only one line of code.
Take just 10 mins.