What is userhabit?

userhabit is a solution that records and analyzes the usage information of application users for better usability of mobile applications.

Who uses userhabit?

Currently the application services are being offered to any individual or company, who wants to know about users of currently-operating applications.

Is it applicable to all mobile applications?

userhabit currently supports mobile Android, iOS, Unity apps and hybrid apps. Though website analysis is not available at this time, we are planning to expand the coverage in the future.

In what way does it operate?

userhabit consists of SDK, a source code library that is inserted into an application, and web pages. When users use an application with SDK inserted inside. The data on their behavior starts to be collected in real time. This collected data is analyzed and displayed on the web site.

What is the difference with Google Analytics?

First, the SDK integration process is very easy and quick as it is not required for events to be defined.
Second, it tracks not only traffic but all interactions of users and collects user opinions.
Third, it not only shows measured values but provides visualized information in an intuitive manner, eliminating the inconvenience of dissecting complicated numbers.

Personal Information & Security

Is there any possibility of problems related to personal information being leaked?

This solution does not gather personal information and offers a function of blinding sensitive information. For more information on personal information protection, please click here.

Is consent to data collection required from users?

Personally identifiable information, other than general information on terminals, is not gathered at all and sensitive information is blinded, eliminating an additional process of obtaining consent from users. In short, application publishers have the authority and responsibility not to collect personal information, and should get consent from users in case they wish to gather personal or sensitive information.

Is it necessary to notify users of data collection?

userhabit does not gather personally identifiable information and offers a function of excluding sensitive information. Therefore, it is recommended for application operators not to collect personal information, using this function. In this case, it certainly does not cause any problem. However, when a user finds out about the collection of their information, they may react negatively about this; it is recommended not to let users know about the data collection. If you wish to gather personal or sensitive information, you should obtain consent from users.

Data & Capacity

Is data collected in real time?

It is not absolutely in real time, but data is transmitted and collected upon the start or the end of application use, allowing you to get data almost in real time.

Is it possible for an application to run slowly?

Unlike other solutions that adopt the video recording method, this one has a much smaller effect on the capacity of the application because it only collects data.

Doesn’t it use data capacity of users?

Data capacity is employed to communicate with the userhabit server for data collection. However, transmitted information usually consists of texts, utilizing a small amount of data, usually less than a few kb. In addition, it puts much less burden on data capacity because it does not employ the video recording method.

Does it analyze a behavior pattern of multiple users? Or does it identify usability of a single user?

It is possible to do both. The solution collects all data of real users and shows both the behavior patterns of multiple users, based on Screen Analysis and Path Analysis, and the usage flow of a single user from a replay of the usage flow, using the Session Replay function.

Is it possible for the solution to differentiate various gestures from one another, such as double tap, long press, and swipe?

Yes, it is possible. Other than the basic tap, all gestures, such as double tap, long touch, and swipe, are targeted for data collection and analysis.

Is it possible to collect data even for a dynamic scroll-type application?

In case there are multiple static screens on one screen, the data can be traceable using the subView function and the scroll-type tracking is currently in the R&D phase.

With what standards is a session measured?

A session refers to the period of user activity from the start of an application to the end and has the same meaning as the term ‘session’ used in other analytics tools. Basically, a session is closed when a user closes the application or 10 seconds after the application goes to the background, this value can be revised in SDK at anytime. (Userhabit.setSessionEndTime(second) function used)

Install & Start

What should be done to start the service?

After getting an API key upon joining the membership on the website, install SDK in your application. For more information, please refer to the Installation Guide.

Is the process complicated, ranging from code input to the start of the service? Do I have to enter the code in all locations where I want to analyze?

It is not complicated. You can initiate data analysis with only one line of code without an event definition.